Body4Glow Academy

Let  your inner light shine

This is me

I am a time management expert, with decades of experience in doing simultaneously activities that each in part were full time jobs: finishing my degree while working full-time, teaching children, organizing camps and building a side-hustle business… 

I am imparting my wisdom and skills to businesswomen who, like me, need to juggle multiple tasks, offering them a shortcut to their goals through my online courses, 1:1 coachings and through my Amazon bestselling book entitled “Make Your Time Matter” (translated into German, Romanian and Spanish language).  

I believe that we are a whole consisting of 4 parts: physical body, mental capacity, spirit/emotions and soul. In my coachings I focus on all of these parts.

My coaching programs consist of online-courses, 1:1 coachings and group coachings.

My 1-year coaching called “The Ester Year” consists of equally working on all these 4 areas, 4 months on each part.

When I am not teaching or coaching I am on an island working on writing further books.