Body4Glow Academy

You are a soul that has a body

This is me

I am Aurora, I am a Resilience Coach.
I went through many stressful phases in my life and I became a specialist is coping with stress and how to be resilient.

I started off at 18, working a full time job while finishing a university degree and I was also in a relationship.  Later I moved to another country and learned a new language, got another job and went again to university (to acknowledge my degree). Then I married, had a child – in fact two children; by that time I was running a company; I also nursed my father who had Alzheimer and just for the heck of it, I started a brand new company in another industry.
Then after my father passed away, my husband did too so I ended up being a widow, with an 11 year old child and running two companies.
When the pandemic hit and I was forced to close my businesses, I decided to help others with my experience and become a coach; 

I finished my certification in Resilience Coaching in 2021 and I am dedicated ever since to assist especially business moms to manage their time and their stress so that they have best quality of life they deserve and also have a thriving business that gives them the life they deserve.

I believe that we are a whole consisting of 4 parts: physical body, mental capacity, spirit/emotions and soul. In my coachings I focus on all of these parts.

My coaching programs consist of online-courses, 1:1 coachings and group coachings.

My 1-year coaching called “The Ester Year” consists of equally working on all these 4 areas, 4 months on each part.