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Let  your inner light shine

You only have enough lifetime to do what is important in your life, to fulfill your mission.

Aurora Guzbeth

I am a time management expert, dedicated to empower ovewhelmed women to find their mission and reclaim control of their lives.

Did you ever felt a nudge that there is something more to your life, something unfinished, something important you are forgetting?  That you know deep inside you are compelled to do? 

Do you feel your time is running out, do you hear that "I have not enough time" cry inside? 

I am here to tell you - you felt and heard correctly. 

We have only enough lifetime to do what we are supposed to accomplish. 

The one who cries inside - is you, who were born in perfect timing with a clear purpose and a time frame to fulfil it. 

Most of us - including me - have not started right away in life to fulfil that purpose; rather it got burried and forgotten. 

I am here to help you dig out your purpose and optimise your life time so you accomplish what you are called to do. 

If you are here, reading this, and still breathing - it is not too late. 

I started on this journey when I was 55. 

If you felt that tug and heard the cry and you are not sure how to do the first step unto your path - I invite you to have a chat with me.